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Weight Loss

In Destin, FL, weight loss at our state-of-the-art medical facility is unequaled. Dr. Bawa & Associates utilizes the latest technology to individually evaluate every patient. We won’t simply throw you on a treadmill! Losing pounds is an aesthetic nicety and a confidence booster, but more importantly it’s healthy. Our job is to find the program that works best for you.

We evaluate each patient individually to see which options would work best for them

We do detailed hormone testing and genetic testing to determine causes of weight gain. We use natural bio-identical hormones when necessary to making it easier to lose unwanted pounds.

Detailed thyroid tests are done and levels optimized to assist you with your efforts.

We have numerous different options available. We use medications such as phentermine or hormones such as HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to help. Lipotropic injections are also used. Different methods can be used to boost growth hormone production, making it even easier to shed extra pounds.

We have a machine called coolsculpting that can get rid of love handles and excess fat in different parts of the body by cooling the fat cells. Thermage is used to tighten loose skin and can improve appearances and also reduce inches. Patients lose 3 to 9 inches in a couple of weeks!

You Have Nothing To Lose But Weight!

Dr. Bawa & Associates have been providing Destin, FL weight loss to patients since 2005. Our experts are fully licensed and insured and have been practicing locally for 8 years. Walk-ins are always welcome, Monday through Friday. We are available for appointments on Saturday. Take control of your body, call our offices today.


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