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We are a general medicine practice providing assistance with weight-loss, bio-identical hormones therapy, holistic medicine, lasers, and aesthetics.

We take great pride in using the latest in hormone therapy to help our patients feel better about their appearance. While adjusting hormone levels with bio-identical hormones help make it easier to lose weight, Dr. Bawa & Associates also offer numerous weight-loss treatment methods to ensure you receive the best treatment for you.

Once our patients begin to see results of their weight-loss treatment, they generally want to continue their journey to look their best. We provide several state-of-the-art laser services, such as:

  • Fractional Laser Treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Vein Removal
  • Pore Size Reduction
  • Scar Reduction
  • Thermage

In addition to being Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Bawa also employs ideas from Holistic Medicine. Dr. Bawa is constantly striving to provide the best treatments for his patient through the deep research of cutting-edge treatments, supplements, and natural options that actually work. Dr. Bawa and his staff try to integrate natural therapies when possible into their treatment regimen. Call Dr. Bawa & Associates today to schedule an appointment.


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